About misspraxic

I’m misspraxic – an anonymous university student with Dyspraxia and other hidden specific learning difficulties. I hope to raise awareness of living and studying with hidden conditions at university, as well as providing support and encouragement to dyspraxic students in a similar situation.

I study Modern Languages in the UK, and I am in the third year of my degree – that means spending a year abroad. I have already spent a challenging but very worthwhile seven months in Germany. I took part in a Summer School at Heidelberg University for the month of August (2016), and from September 2016 until the end of February 2017 I was an English Language Assistant at a comprehensive school near Dusseldorf.

Following my time in Germany, I will spend six months in France – I have an internship in Paris from March until the end of August. I try to post each fortnight to give you an idea of what I am up to, and how I am finding the experience.

I hope my posts can reassure other dyspraxic students that it is possible to survive at university, to do a year abroad, and enjoy many other experiences (even when things get challenging, as they inevitably do!)


3 thoughts on “About misspraxic

  1. I love that you are sharing these everyday challenges and successes to encourage others! I hope you won’t mind that I’m going to put a link to your blog on my Facebook timeline so younger students, their parents and teachers can see the sky’s the limit!

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  2. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog while conducting research for a PGCE assignment on dyspraxia within the MFL classroom…

    I couldn’t not get in touch… Our stories are overwhelmingly similar and I massively relate to your (beautifully written) posts.

    I too am dyspraxic, studied modern foreign languages at Durham and found the Year Abroad as a language assistant to be an ENORMOUS help in confidence building and developing life skills / independence.

    Keep up everything you’re doing !


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  3. Have been catching up with your diary… Both what you achieve and the relaying of your story are wonderful accomplishments and particularly so for an individual with marked elements of dyspraxia. Artistic creativity, use of language(s), movement and dance in its many forms, musical involvement, experiencing the great outdoors, smelling and eating nourishing foodstuffs, flavours and essences and connectivity with humans and so-called lesser beings from across the globe all within proportion along with making some apparently fairly random choices and taking calculated risks equate to the mix required for a truly rewarding life. You seem to have gathered the elements so well and at such a relatively tender age. Taking time to reflect on the beauty in the pattern of it all…Stunning. Crack on and keep life as simple as possible!

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