I’m misspraxic – an anonymous recent university graduate with Dyspraxia and other hidden specific learning difficulties.

I hope to raise awareness of living and studying with hidden conditions at university, as well as providing support and encouragement to dyspraxic students in a similar situation.

I studied Modern Languages in the UK, and went abroad for my third year – seven months in Germany and six in France. I took part in a Summer School at Heidelberg University in August 2016, and from September 2016 until the end of February 2017 I was an English Language Assistant at a comprehensive school near Duesseldorf. Following my time in Germany, I spent six months in France – I did an internship in Paris from March until the end of August.

I hope my posts can reassure other dyspraxic students that it is possible to survive at university, to do a year abroad, and enjoy many other experiences (even when things get challenging, as they inevitably do!)